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          Gas Station

Service & Construction


This is where it all started, more than 65 years ago. We specialize in vehicle fueling technologies, gas station maintenance, service and construction. Whether you need a simple repair, or major construction, we provide it all.  No job is to small or too big. Fairfield has the equipment and the required licenses to provide whatever you need.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Monthly/Annual Inspections & Walk -Thru's

  • Gas Pump Repairs

  • Sumps Testing, Repairs & Replacement

  • Pump Island Repairs/Replacement

  • Concrete Repairs/Replacement

  • Tank System Testing/Repairs/Installation/Removals

  • Tank Gauge (ATG) Inspection/Repair/Replacement

  • Fuel Management Repairs/Replacement

  • Soil Remediation

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