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Vapor Recovery

The NJDEP has amended the gasoline transfer operations for vapor recovery systems. The amendments remove the requirement to install Phase II vapor recovery systems at new gasoline dispensing facilities and require the decommissioning of existing Phase II vapor recovery systems that are not compatible with on-board refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) systems by 12/20/20. 

Fairfield can decommission your soon-to-be obsolete phase II vapor recovery system, and provide you with the necessary testing and replacement of your hoses and nozzles with the new mandatory Low Perm Hoses and Eco-Dripless/Spitless Nozzles.

The NJDEP also requires that fueling facilities maintain and test their vapor recovery systems regularly.  Fairfield can provide you with these essential vapor recovery tests.

  • Pressure Vacuum Valve “Vent Cap Test” (Annually)

  • Static Pressure Performance Test “Pressure Decay” (Annually)

  • Fill Adapter Torque Test (Annually)

  • Dynamic Backpressure Performance Test (Every 36 Months)

  • Air to Liquid Volume Test (Vac Assist) Decommission by 12/20/20 (Every 36 Months)

  • Tank Tie Test (Upon Decommissioning)

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